Lordy lordy. If the Twitter crowd is this pissy, petty, and childish over a retweet about tea, I just can’t WAIT for the rest of the season.  Sometimes I wonder how any of them can claim to be a fan of the actor they’re being spoiled, hateful brats to or even claim to be mature in the slightest… then I remember who I’m talking about and how delusional most of them are.

ahahahahahahaha!!!  it’s hilarious reading posts from the ouat fandom when it comes to ships. it’s a game of “what drugs are you smoking???” and “is this nightblogging or not???” rolled into one with the “are we watching the same show???” bonus round at the end.

extremely amusing reading for a 2am browsing of the tags.

….um no.  I will not be the one contacting them about your pet. She is your responsibility still and you should have made the appropriate arrangements for her before you moved out.

Good god.  I will not do something that you should have already done.

Call me crazy but shouldn’t you have started making plans a week ago? Not last night? Give people a chance to PLAN to come?

I swear she does it on purpose to give herself something to complain about.

… i guess i’ll watch game of thrones and think about dinner… since my roommate didn’t get back to me about her writing group thing and i have no fucking clue what’s going on.

just wake up from a nap to her gone and no explanation.

so much for going to the store together.

i just want to relax and go to sleep and curl up in bed…

…but i can’t because the coworker who is suppose to be on call tonight isn’t back in town from the continuing education my coworkers went to today.

so not only did i bust my ass for 12 hours today at work (and i feel every second of those hours) i get to be on call for god only knows how long this evening.